At The Camp Fitness we’re acutely aware of our industries many failings when it comes to the promotion of healthy ideals around body image and fitness. We’re absolutely committed to playing our part in the eradication of body shame. As such we’ve prepared a list of three simple steps to help detox your body IMAGE.

  • Body shame and dissatisfaction affects both men AND women.
  • Body shame and dissatisfaction foreshadow a significant increase in the risk for a number detrimental and self harming behaviours.
  • There are ways to alleviate the external pressures that can affect body image.

It’s official, body dissatisfaction is reaching epidemic proportions and while it’s looking as if nobody is safe; some of us are shaping up to be significantly more vulnerable than others. 

The stats are in and they’re depressing to say the least. According to researchers from the University of Sydney, while ‘proportionately many more females than males are dissatisfied with their bodies, men suffer more psychologically’.

Happy AND healthy!?

If you’re male and non-white, of a lower socio-economic background or identify as a member of the rainbow community you are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to use steroids as a result of poor body image.

Meanwhile should you happen to fall into the rather broad category of ‘female’ then there is a 96% chance that you do not consider yourself as beautiful – SPOILER ALERT: you absolutely are.

The root cause of poor self image are vast and varied. It’d be folly to pretend that there is anything simple about the solutions to what can often be deeply ingrained issues. That being said we have actively tried and tested the following 3 easy steps. We can attest to their effectiveness in reducing the daily burden! Hopefully they work for you too.

1.Unfollow, Unfriend, Unlike.

Social media is implicated as a chief influencer in a whole raft of studies documenting poor body image in both men and women [1], [2], [3]. However, the platforms themselves are not wholly accountable for our online experience, after all, we are largely responsible for the people and pages we follow. 

If you take anything away from this step please let it be this; jealousy, guilt and shame should NEVER be confused with motivation. That little stab you feel while looking at some impossibly chiselled body draped over a far flung beach does not and will not ever translate into something positive. Be kind to yourself and rid your feed of FOMO, jealousy and shame. 

Seek social media positivity!

2. Follow, Friend, Like!


Did you know that Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, just like real life are filled with genuinely happy, phenomenally talented and hilariously down to earth people that can fill your feed with joy, inspiration and laughter? No? Neither did we, until recently! When you free yourself from the bondage of body/lifestyle/fashion envy the whole becomes a surprisingly colourful and joyous place!  

Give your time and attention to those who are working toward some greater goal, overcoming some monumental hurdle or presenting some positive message that resonates in your personal life. They should inspire not shame! 

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*Avoid the carefully curated, unrealistic or repetitive. What are you really going to take away from the same set of abs in different underwear day in, day out *yawn*.

3. Empower yourself and your body!

Your body is worth and capable of so much more than just the approval of random strangers. Take a step back and assess whether or not you’re placing an unfair or even unhealthy burden on yourself. If you’re forcing yourself to adhere to an exercise regimen that you HATE, starving yourself of the foods and experiences that you love or resorting to pills, potions and ‘skinny’ teas in order to gain or lose weight we might have a problem. 

If you hate the gym, go dancing! If you’re dining out with friends and want that extra glass of wine, have it! If you’re torturing yourself over the opinions of others it might to time to re-evaluate who is really the issue. We can’t deny the positive effects of health and fitness. On the flip side we shouldn’t understate the damage that idealised fitness and the potential poor health outcomes caused by the pursuit there-of.

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