At The Camp Fitness we’re acutely aware of our industries many failings when it comes to the promotion of healthy ideals around body image and fitness. We’re absolutely committed to playing our part in the eradication of body shame. 2020 was a shit show, there’s no doubt about that. So why start 2021 with goals that aren’t smart, satisfying or filled with self love? Here’s our list of three ways to inject a little self love into your 2021 New Years resolutions.

  • Don’t Focus on the dislikes! Base your goals in the positive rather than focusing on something you don’t like.
  • Treat Yo’ self – later! Reward yourself when you stay on track.
  • Understand your limits. Don’t set goals to run a marathon, walk on the moon and achieve world peace in January.



1. Don’t Focus on the Dislikes!


Let’s start 2021 with a little positivity! When deciding on your goals, step away from focusing on the things that make you sad or dissatisfied eg: weight, not muscular enough, not earning enough money. Quite often, goals that are focused on the dislikes become nebulous and offer little instruction on how they can be achieved, what does “lose/gain 5 kgs” or “earn 10k extra” give in the way of inspiration and/or instruction?

Focus on the likes instead! We’ve already covered why you should definitely NOT be attaching your goals to your body image, so muscle gain and fat loss are out from the beginning. However, If your goal is to get fitter, think up something related that you love and aim to do that two/three/four times per week. Personally, I love yoga – but because I’ve always been fixated on ‘getting big’ I’ve never found the time to do what I really enjoy. This year’s resolution is to get my stretch on a minimum three times per week, every week for the month of January. If it’s working for me, then it’s likely that will foment into a long lasting habit.



Focus on doing the things you love, instead of changing the things you don’t.

2. Treat Yo’Self – Later

Let’s face it, the lion’s share of New Year’s resolutions are all about introducing habits and behaviours into our lives that might not necessarily come easily or naturally. After all, if wholesome, nutritious food was easier to access and tasted better than all the other stuff – it’s unlikely we would ever need to adjust our eating habits! As a result, you’re going to be making some tough calls, pushing yourself into situations that require a little extra resolve and working toward long lasting change. The good news? It’s definitely not as bad as it sounds.

Success gives you all the more reason to reward yourself. If, like me, you’re planning a fitness related goal why not hold off on purchasing that entire new Lululemon outfit you’ve had your eye on forever? Instead, buy one piece at the end of every month you’ve hit your target! According to James Clear (Author of NYT best seller Atomic Habits), “rewards teach us what actions are worth remembering in the future” and “pleasure/disappointment are part of a feedback mechanism that helps your brain distinguish useful actions from useless ones”. In short, adding that little bonus to the end of your goal setting cycle is not just fun as hell, it’s necessary!


3. Understand your limits. 

Don’t set unrealistic goals that are only going to break your heart. I’m not attempting to shatter your dreams – dream hard and dream big! It’s just SO important those dreams are broken up into manageable, bite sized pieces. If you’re currently struggling to get to bootcamp once per week, is it really feasible to set yourself a target of two sessions per day, five days per week? As you can see in my own goal above, I’m aiming for three yoga sessions per week – for the month of January alone. It’s not because I’m lazy and it’s not because I’m weak. It’s because I know my schedule, I know my limitations and I know for a fact that if I’m not enjoying myself, there’s not a chance in hell I’ll stick to that commitment for 12 months. This way, I’m be able to set myself a manageable goal that, even if I end up hating it, has a moderate time frame and good chance for success. If it doesn’t work out, I’m feeling good off of the back of my month of Yoga – and empowered to set the next challenge!

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