Frequently Asked Questions

WTH is 30 Days Fit?

30 Days Fit is our very own exercise, nutrition and fitness kickstarter. Whether you want to get fitter, get stronger, train for a half marathon or shape up – 30 Days Fit was written with you in mind. As a member of 30 Days Fit, you will be supported by our personal trainers and your teammates at The Camp. We give you week by week challenges, access to easy to follow meal plans and will try our to best to give you whatever support required to set you on track to achieve your goals.

If you’re got questions, we definitely have the answers!


How much does it cost to join?

There are two membership options available here. There are NO contracts, hidden fees and you will not be locked into any ongoing membership fees or commitments. We are as transparent as we are easy to deal with – that’s a promise! Even better, if you’re unhappy with your 30 Days Fit experience we will refund the entire 30 Day’s worth of fees. 

How do I Join 30 Days Fit?

That’s and easy one! Just head here and hit the sign up link on the membership that suits you best.

What happens when I join?

The kickstarter doesn’t start until Monday  January 4th, however, once you’ve filled out our online waiver you’ll get a quick welcome note, some further instructions and the links to join our private FB group. 

Am I too unfit to join 30 Days Fit?

Nooooooooooooooo. You’re joining 30 Days Fit to build a solid foundation and actually get fitter. 

How often will I need to train?

We set the standard at a minimum three 45 minute sessions every week. 

How hard are the workouts?

They are written to challenge and change, however, all of them will be tailored to your specific needs on the day. Our trainers will NEVER force you into something that you can’t do. 

Are there easier options available if I can’t do the workout?

Of course, this is a part of what The Camp does – we make fitness accessible to everybody. 

Is the “28 Days Clean” meal planner included?

Yes it is

Does “28 Days Clean’ Cater to all dietary requirements?

Unfortunately not, we do not have vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free options right now. We can help you make minor adjustments and substitutes.